Beautiful Oops..Creating Better Outcomes

My 6 year old daughter was drawing last night and she kept messing up the picture from what she thought the outcome should be.  She was getting very upset with herself because she couldn’t draw what she wanted. This was a great teaching moment to go over what I love to call “Beautiful Oops”. This is when you take the drawing (a euphemism for life) and turn what you have into something else completely wonderful. You end up in a place that you would have never dreamed of had the envisioned project  gone according to plan.This is just what my daughter did, she took what was suppose to be a dog and turned it into a beautiful scene of our family. It is when the outcome of Plan B or C or D is better than Plan A.
Beautiful oops, Picture of Family
This has happened several times for me whether it is losing a valuable team member and finding out that her leaving allowed a new organization structure that is better for growth, a miscommunication about a feature to be developed within a software application that lead to the creation of a new product,  or losing the budget for a new application when we were about to sign the contract only to be able to sign it six months later at a significantly reduced price. It is when Plan B or C or D is better than Plan A.  A beautiful oops is finding the value of going down a unexpected path and discovering the possibilities rather than mourning what did not happen.