Loving wine taught me to maximize strengths

I have a love of wine. I have been asked many times how did I learn about wine and know which wines to buy. I believe wine is a truly personal endeavor. It is all about what you like and what you enjoy. And the best part, is to learn about wine, you have to try a lot of wines as no two wines are exactly the same.  Sometimes I open a bottle and the wine is wonderful, other times it is fine but not one I will try again and a few times, the wine  gets poured down the sink. But I never lose the joy of opening a bottle and trying something new. The reason each bottle can be different is each wine maker has to take each wine harvest where they had the same fields, the same vines but different environment each year and determine its key attributes and work to highlight its strengths. Then as each harvest gets bottled, it can take on unique characterics. To achieve a vintage that stands out from the competition, a wine maker must capitalize on the strengths of each vintage.
Maximizing strengths of each component

Maximizing strengths of each component of the business

We have a member on our team that was struggling. We knew he was talented but the talent wasn’t being consistently displayed and he was failing in key areas that were critical for his success. We tried to prop him up by providing training in the areas of need, by giving him mentorship and hiring team members around him that displayed these necessary skills. After several conversations, we found that he had lost his way. He was playing in an area that was outside his core skill area and  he wasn’t passionate enough about it to embrace uncomfortableness of it to learn it. He was in a state of constant floundering.  What we learned was that we were playing to his weaknesses and not to his strengths.
We had placed him in an area that didn’t allow him to use his core talents and passion to be successful. Just as every wine maker, analyzes his vintage to bring out the best in it, we need to do the same with our team members. We need to recognize and understand the areas that they can truly excel and place them in roles that give them this opportunity.