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Why people matter and how leadership plays a direct role in shaping culture and employee development. A stellar line-up of leading-edge organizations putting people first in today’s market. Quick, inspirational video.

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Human Capital: Engaging in the Cloud

human capital logo

Companies across the map are realizing the ever increasing importance of the digital infrastructure. With an influx of Gen-Y employees, it’s all about the experience.

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The Economic Times: The changing face of the 21st century CFO

Economic Times

Today’s CFOs are in a unique position where they are much more than just practitioners of ‘traditional finance’. I discuss how today CFO needs to be enablers of organizational change and become the right hand to the CEO.

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Forbes Article: Debunking Finances Reputation as the No Department

Forbes LogoAs the role of the CFO continues to evolve, CFOs are increasingly looked to as bean “sprouters” and not just bean counters. I discuss how the “Contemporary CFO” needs to prove its usefulness as a solutions provider in order to shed another old image of the finance department – its reputation for always saying “no.”

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CFO Thought Leader Podcast

CFO Thought Leader Webcast
How do you empower others to facilitate change? I share my mind-set and I chart the organizational dynamics inside an innovative professional services firm determined to help its clients innovate.

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Executive Leaders Radio

Executive Leaders Radio
This interview by Executive Leaders DC discusses my background and how I became a leader within my industry and to my teams.

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On Leadership

I discuss what leadership means to me, using examples and anecdotes from throughout my career. Originally shot for 3Pillar’s Women in Technology Network, the video is applicable for anyone looking to hone their leadership skills in a business setting.