Reinvent and Be Disruptive Everyday

I have spent my career working in the technology space, working for companies that are looking to be disruptive, to break through with the latest innovation to drive customer engagement and ultimately generating revenues and profitability. In several of the companies, we were competing against old guard companies that were selling the same thing they were selling yesterday, creating an opening for us to take. This week I encountered a new scenario as an enterprise SaaS based software company that was a follower into the market referred to the first mover in the market,  whose product has been in market a couple of years  longer as having mature, older technology.




It was a lesson, that regardless of the fact that you were a disruptor in the market, in an environment of rapidly changing technology that becomes less expensive each day, customers becoming more demanding and looking for personalized interactions and competitors that are always looking for ways differentiate, you can never rest on your laurels.  In order to move towards the future, you can not define yourself by what you did in the past, you have reinvent and be disruptive everyday.

  • Ben Johnson

    Great article Maria. 100% agree. One of my mentors used to constantly say “The hungry always beat the fat!” Must stay hungry to maintain your competitive edge!