Being a Team Player

Throughout elementary, junior and high school I was always involved in some team activity, whether it was girl scouts or sports. I love the camaraderie, the laughter, the support. I love that as a group we could accomplish more as a team then anyone of us could achieve inbball11dividually.

 One important lesson I learned, after determining out that I wasn’t a very talented athlete and I did not have the passion to become one, is that there was still a role for me to play for the love of the game and team. As a second-string varsity basketball player, my role was to push, challenge and drive the first string to do  better. My role was to prepare them for the next game. And this role, was extremely important, because I was helping them win something for all of us, the team.   Everyone on a team has a role to play, we need to embrace the role, own it and use it to propel the whole team forward.